Coinbase to Yoroi wallet transfer - recreated wallet does not show transaction

Last July, I transferred 53 ADA that I purchased Coinbase to a Yoroi wallet. Although, I have a Ledger Nano X, I believe this was a Yoroi hot wallet. I have a new computer and I’ve been trying to recreate the wallet with the 15 word seed - but the transaction never shows up.
The transaction ID is addr1qxuq4xmgwfhjqfp6g94gqzxyyp6s8w6wwch6hal0nzaaqq53zrjzlrx5rstlw5g74asf5uffnsjwcjh6vsu7w5ezmfeqpwdeg4
Am I wrong, or does it look like it’s all still there?

Yes, it is still on that address and that whole wallet was never used for anything else than to receive that single transaction.

this is your trans hash acaafed8648aa58f541813db181e2c2e9b2cd2832a73ad4bff1643b9f0d669d1, check it on