CoinCheckup and other Cryptocurrency Review & Rating Sites - Community Responsibility

Please have a look here:

Cardano is rated No. 44. Why?
a. Twitter Activity 0/20 - I do not see an issue with the Twitter activity, why is this 0?
b. Advisory Board Strength 0/100 - Well Cardano Project didn’t need advisors doing nothing, they hired everyone needed. All the projects who claim they have amazing advisory board is fake as the advisors do not have time to really contribute. They just give their names, fame & reputation, showing they trust or have been paid enough by the project.
c. Whitepaper 0/10 - really? &
Transaction per Second Compared to Other Coints 1/8 - ???
Is the Coins Inflation under Control? 15/30 - there should be no control, that’s the whole point of a decentralized cryptocurrency

What I was thinking is that as a Community we could identify all these rating / listing sites and split up the fair representation of the Cardano project among ourselves.

Then we would have a group of people following up and making sure that Cardano is rated in a fair & balanced way at particular sites. Would the site be unbalanced, the Group would contact the authors and fill a professional complaint maybe even having at that point the official mandate from the CF.

Obviously this might be extended beyond the Rating sites to Review Videos on YouTube.

From DogeCoin Founder, Jackson Palmer not a bad review, but really incomplete and a half job.

What do you think? Is there any initiative we may deal with such issues as a Community together?

Maybe a new Category for this, “Media Reputation” or something like that might make sense?


Coincheckup has some editing features enabling every user to change a coin’s data as long as you can back it up.
You have to create an account, log in, then click on Analysis > Coin Facts and figures > Edit the criteria you want to modify then submit a reliable link to prove / back up your point / claim so that their research team can approve the modification.
It’s similar to Wikipedia apart from the fact that you help them modify their data for everyone’s benefit.

They recently changed their algo scoring system and as you pointed out, we have to help Cardano climb back up into the rankings, where it belongs.

I love this platform!

P.S.: Following your post, I have submitted changes regarding Cardano’s Twitter account and also about the Quality Assurance Testers. Let’s see how it goes!
I know from experience that their team is very responsive (last year they were) when you ask for explanations via email.


Awesome! Good job m8

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It’s awesome that you’ve managed to notice these dissimilarities. I also agree with CosmosX it is possible to edit incorrect criteria by submitting links to reliable info. I think that it is important to make edits in such situations, coz it may serve for the greater benefit. As for coincheckup I can say that this resourse is quite useful and I must admit that it has a quite wide database. On the other hand, there is even more incorrectness than that which we noticed in this thread and it concerns info about different platforms and ICOs. I usually manage to find out what info is incorrect by using several resources with crypto analyses at the same time. For example, I think that overviews on are quite completed and precise. This site contains a lesser amount of information then CoinCheckup and it represented differently, but it’s very helpful and well-directed. Actually, I’d be grateful if someone could provide me with links to different analytic resources. Which site do you use before deciding which platform to use or which coin to trade?