CoinDesk's Most Influential 2019: Heroes & Villains

CoinDesk’s “Most Influential” recognizes those who’ve made the biggest contribution to crypto/blockchain in a given year. The list celebrates exceptional entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs), standout developers and product builders, not to mention the best regulators, thinkers, and communicators.

Take a look at the following long-list, all selected by CoinDesk editors and reporters. We need your help narrowing down this group to a final 15. Who jumps out to you as particularly noteworthy in 2019? Who had a big year (how ever you might define “big”)? Who was at the top of their game, and deserves recognition for their efforts and achievements?

Below, nominate FIVE people you feel made the greatest impact. Then, for question 2, name anyone you feel we’ve forgotten and should include.

Finally, for question 3, nominate TWO “villains” who are more notorious than award-worthy (come on, crypto is full of them). Who this year made a splash for the wrong reasons (like, they stole millions from investors or claimed to invent something they didn’t.)?

We promise that completing this survey will take no more than 1,16 minutes of your time (on average). Thanks for your consideration.

Link to the survey