CONSENSUS 2018 Biggest Crypto event this year

Almost all the major global companies will attend this event to invest in crypto.

Why are Cardano not attending this event? All other biggest Crypto companies is going to attend there.

We need sponsors and investors from the biggest companies in the world.


Can we please see an official response here?

I don’t know that there would be an official response to something like this, Coin Desk might possibly hand picked who they wanted there and intentionally excluded anyone from the Cardano partnerships, or Cardano/Emurgo/IOHK weighed such an event against the work they are doing and it came up short, who knows?
In any event though such a get together should hold less weight than a private meeting that IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson was a part of earlier today (not planned for May) which he tweeted about attending:


Other third generation blockchain aren’t there either. Such as Eos and Iota isn’t there. Is that because of the major threat they are for Bitcoin? Many big crypto website such as Coindesk are heavily invested in Bitcoin. Can that be the reason? If that is the reason, then they can’t be trusted as unbiased news website.

If Cardano succed, then it will dethrone Bitcoin at anytime.


You want an official response you are gonna need to go over reddit or twitter for that bro. We will have none of that here! :smiling_imp:

(I am just kidding, joking I say, possibly a little sarcastic too)

Ya! Twitter it is a great place to get official responses, lol! :rofl:

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This is a very good point, and I’m surprised it has not been brought up more. If POS systems like Cardano and EOS are successful, this is a huge threat to miners and early adopters who are worth billions in Bitcoin. You can expect a lot of subterfuge. Maybe this is part of CH’s strategy - lay low and get a iron clad product with a superior governance system. Not just because he wants to under promise and over deliver, but because if the incumbents view Cardano as a strong threat now they’ll look for creative ways to kill it. I for one encourage product over marketing at this stage.


Makes sense to a point… out of sight and out of mind and all that, but there’s no secret the likes of Cardano will be snapping at their heels

If Traxia does not pull a stunt between now and then that draws some attention to Cardano I will be surprised.and if the other 3rd Gen crypto’s throw a shadow then Cardano will not even need to do any snapping, think for a minute, if you were going to put a million into a crypto, you would make sure you were putting it into the right one wouldn’t you? Cardano will be seen by all the big money guy’s if it remains top 20 between now and then.