CoinMama not posting ADA to Blockchain (KuCoin wallet)

First purchase on CoinMama, status shows ‘coins delivered’ but ADA transaction not showing on Blockchain. These were sent to a KuCoin wallet.

It has been 1 hour and 45 minutes. Anyone experience delays on CoinMama? I submitted a request to them.

I’m having the same issue with coins not showing after confirmation of delivery to my exudos wallet,has yours been resolved yet ?

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Coinmama does not support shelley yet!
Contact coinmama support team and ask them to cancel the withdraw;


Hi thanks for your reply

However in new to all this ,what I understand is my exudos wallet has a Shelly and Bryon address , coinmama requested to Bryon address it says transaction completed but not showing on the Blockchain …

I’m confused

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Ooo I didn’t knew it; then check ur destination address on explorer to see if u are seeying any transaction


UPDATE: I experienced about a 6 hour delay from the time CoinMama marked the transaction complete (stating it was sent to my wallet) and the order actually posting to the blockchain and being delivered successfully. They sent me an email saying they were experiencing high order volume.