Coins bought on Coinmama; address created on Yoroi not recognized on the blockchain

Hello everyone!

I recently bought ADA from Coinmama four our five times using receive addresses provided by an Exodus wallet. I received the coins without any problems. I had to use the old-style addresses on Coinmama, which took me some time to figure out.

Then yesterday I was able to move my coins to Yoroi. Today I decided to buy more coins on Coinmama and provided an old-style address provided by Yoroi. I haven’t received any coins. When I click on the link provided by Coinmama to verify the transaction on the blockchain, the answer I receive is


Can anything be done about this? I have already checked the address a couple of times. It’s correct. Besides, Coinmama checks the validity of addresses supplied by the buyer before one can pay for the coins bought.

Any help will be appreciated.



For the moment Coinmama doesn’t support shelley mainnet; I understood somewhere in Q2 will do.


That’s funny. The address I provided was approved by them.
So that means I simply lost my money?

look for your yoroi address here

does it has any balance?

if not you should contact coinmama support team, to ask them to cancel the transaction…


That’s exactly where i am told that the address is not recognized.
I’ll get in touch with Coinmama again then. Thanks. Hope they can do something about it.

Problem solved. I got in touch with Coinmama and somehow they fixed the problem and I got my coins.

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I told u they will gonna fix it… now u have 2 options:

1st option

  • sell ada
  • transfer ur funds to a new exchange which supports ada… like bittrex (I don’t know where are u from)
  • buy ada
  • transfer ada to your wallet

2nd option

  • wait till coinmama will support ADA

!!! Remember that whatever option you will choose first time test with small amount, just in case…


Thanks for your suggestions. Problem is that my options are limited because I am an expatriate. I am often treated with lots of suspicion by exchanges and banks, although all I want to do is to invest my hard-earned money in a sensible manner. Coinmama is one of the few options I have.

But thanks anyway!

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When it will be possible to delegate, my pool will waiting for you :wink:

Cheers and good luck!

Ah, thanks. Regarding that, my previously bought ADA were already delegated. The new ones were automatically added.

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I am new to the ADA world and ran into the same situation with my first purchase with a wallet created on Exodus. Eddieferreira, how did you get in touch with coinmama? I’ve emailed them a couple of times and never get anything back except a pregenerated email.


Because coinmama doesn’t support shelley yet.


So I am a bit daft, the exodus wallet had a way to switch the address to make it acceptable to Coinmama’s wallet verification. Other than waiting for Coinmama to help out, is their anything I can do and what is the best Byron wallet?

I think the best solution is to sell ada on coinmama (convert to xrp for example or any other currency which has low fee) and send the funds to another exchange wich support shelley
On the new exchange buy Ada and after that transfer them to ur wallet

!!! Always when u make a transfer first time try with a small amount

Or if u have doubts wait till coinmama will support shelley


Thank you!

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Sorry for not replying earlier. It’s the time difference. I was sleeping when you wrote.

It took me some time to figure out that I had to swipe the first address provided by Exodus to the left in order to be shown an address that would be accepted by Coinmama.

The problem I had with Coinmama seems to have been due to a huge number of transactions they had to process. Instead of the transaction taking a couple of minutes, it took Coinmama many hours to send the coins to my address.

The people at Coinmama did reply to my messages, but again it took them a couple of hours to be able to do so. In the end everything is fine and I got my coins.

I should only tell you that I have moved from Exodus to Yoroi in the meantime. Exodus is easier to use, but it seems Yoroi is safer because your private keys remain on your phone. That’s not the case with Exodus. But please do your own research because I am not tech savvy either.


Thanks for the update. I contacted Coinmama as well, and they ended up sending me Shelly ADA, a great suprise! I only use Exodus to exchange currency, which seems to still be down at the moment. I then move it all over to a cold wallet paired with Daedalus.

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