Does Cardano Wallet not work with CoinMama?

i tried several times but looks like its a common issue with Coin Mama?

this is where i am stuck

Coinmama buy:


Add Daedalus wallet:

decided to use El Toro since i already bought a $1,000 there already. Just want to make sure i am not doing any CFD trading on there


Coinmama doesn’t support Shelley for the moment, I understood in Q2 they will, but for more details u can contact them.


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ok thanks…whew~ thought i was losing my mind. i am going to use El Toro instead since i already bought on there

Great, but wait did u already bought? U should not buy ADA from ETORO … you will not have the possibility to withdraw ada out of the exchange… they will not sell u real ADA … they will sell u some virtual coins pinned to the market price…

yes, a $1,000 worth, i don’t plan to withdraw anything soon but can you explain what token is? there’s no way to get ACTUAL ADA shares like coinbase?

Nope, for example u can’t withdraw ur ada to daedalus or yoroi in order to delegate them…

Oh man, I was about to deposit a couple more thousand, my life savings…any suggestions on places where I can actually own it?

So is this the same thing that happens on sites like coinbase? Can I not transfer my very minimal amount of ETH?

U can transfer any other funds… just that they not migrated to shelley yet. when they do you will have the possiblity to withdraw… I don’t know what exchange to recommend… where are u from?

USA i tried to be as thorough as possible but CoinBase sets a very low limit like $50 or something and doesn’t trade ADA.

My first purchase of ADA was on but i seen a charge at my bank for about $4 for a $100 dollar purchase

i messaged them to figure out what that charge was for, being considered a foreign transaction possibly?

in regards to Shelley wallet, i heard someone mentioned Bryon Wallet…can i still get that or am i taking two steps backwards

What state?

i reside in Texas, just recently moved here so my permanent address is still in CO

U can try kraken but first contact support team and ask them if you will can move ada out of exchange

As you’re US based based might be worth checking out the info here on this spreadsheet,
:outbox_tray::currency_exchange::inbox_tray: EXCHANGE & WALLET RECOMMENDATIONS :outbox_tray::currency_exchange::inbox_tray:-

I watch this guy all the time, he provides some great content, based in Texas so will have same needs re which exchange to use.

His Ytube channel is
All his content is free and very useful in the world of crypto :+1:

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Thx, got anything newer than 2018? I am on that in 2014 was not recommended along with another good exchange…appreciate it!