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On following the tutorial, I’ve built the node using
cabal build all

But everytime I terminate a terminal and log back in, if I enter cardano-node or cardano-cli I get an error: Command not found.

What I found out is that on running an update to newer version (which is the same version I already setup 1.19.0), that solves the issue, and I’m able to run cardano-node and cli until I have to close and log back in, in which case I again go through the previous steps of running an update.

Could you help understand what I’m missing?

Thank you!

This is almost certainly due to the PATH environment variable being set during the running of the script. and not being set when you first log back in.

You should re-read the documentation that goes along with the script you are running (or read through the script) looking for changes to PATH . Once you have found that required change, you should add that to you ~/.bashrc` (or whatever shell you are running) file.

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Thanks for your response erikd

I have to run this command every time I login

source .bashrc

If I check nano .bashrc …

I see the right path added
export PATH="~/.local/bin:$PATH"

Any suggestions, would be appreciated! Thank you!

What shell are you using? If you are using bash, then .bashrc should be automatically sourced.

Hi Morgan,

You should be able to bypass this by adding the following to your .bash_profile

test -f ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

Your friend, FROG

FROG, being awesome as always…
I bet the Cardano community is glad to have you.
Thank you my friend!

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