Confused. Nami Wallet / nami exchange

Hi there. sorry, i’m not sure if i’m here on the right forum.
i’m very confused. 3 weeks ago i installed Nami Wallet on my laptop and bought some ADAs. then i swapt it on sundaeswap to Snak. Now i want to manage it on my phone and installed Nami Exchange.
is this the same or are this two different companies?
How works Nami wallet? do i have now a local Wallet on my laptop?
if i install Nami Exchange on my Phone, i have not the same amount and i can not see my correct wollet content. are this two not the same?
can i use nami wallet on my phone?
sorry for so much questions :slight_smile: Sascha

you can use any wallet on your phone (be carefull of FACKE wallets). just use the same words to import the wallet.
you don’t need nami exchange… you will need nami wallet


ok. thanks a lot for your fast answer. whitch one would you prefere if i trade SNAK coin? this coin is on cardano blockchain.
cheers, Sascha

Hey Sascha

First you have to understand that a wallet is only some kind of an explorer to a blockchain. This means it does not matter which wallet you use, you will always see the same information as everything is stored on the blockchain. There might be a wallet which does not support all the features (like Cardano native tokens like SNEK) but this doesnt mean your coins are gone.

The second question is, do you really have to manage your tokens on your smart phone? Personally i dont like anything finance related on my smartphone but thats up to you. I think Nami has no mobile app so far, so you would have to use another wallet like Eternl where you can simply restore your wallet with your seedphrase (as Alex already said, always be careful because of fake apps).

If you need any more help, feel free to send me a DM (Im also from Switzerland and could help you in german if you want).


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on phone its not working to trade; I think only with minswap wallet or eternl phone browser wallet.
I’m using on laptop eternl wallet


Many thanks to you both. so i have not the wallet and every coins on my laptop. the wallet is on the Blockchain. i only connect to my coins with for example Nami Wallet that i can manage it (send / receive / swap) if i get a new computer, i just have to install Nami Wallet again on the new device and register with the seed phrase. i think now i got it.
many thanks for supporting me :wink:

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not the wallet, the tokens are on blockchain… the wallet just allows you to access them… thats why you can use any ORIGINAL cardano native wallets to access them (with the seed words)


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Thank you :wink:

To add to the other answers: Just looked up “Nami Exchange”. This seems to have nothing to do with Cardano. It says something about buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Don’t know if it is legitimate. I would be very cautious.