Connecting error to Legder from Yoroi Shelby wallet

I’m having a trouble connecting my Yoroi Shelby wallet to my Legder Nano X. When im trying to send some cardano to my Yoroi wallet i always like to check the adress in my legder pen to make sure is the same. So this time i can connect the Yoroi to the ledger it shows one error and it says that reiniciate the ledger… And then what i did was restore all the pairings in my legder and even then it doesn’t solve the problem. Anyone has seen this? I Will attach the photo but its in portuguese. Also my boyfriend has also a ledger nano X and has a Yoroi wallet and this isnt happening to himIMG_20210814_114417

You might want to try if works for you.

Connect your ledger via that website and try to make a transaction.

Yoroi currently has some issues as they stated on Twitter.

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Thank you for the response. Im trying in but it stay loading loading loading loading to my Legder and never connects… Im tired because lately i’ve been having so much troubles with ledger that starts to make me angry.

Im also trying to manage my accounts on my Ledger live but when i try to connect to my Ledger nano X (By Bluetooth because i don’t have a computer right now) it always says turn on your device but my device is already on, open in the apps page