Constitutional Committee testing detailed report

Hello everyone, after weeks of hard work, we finaly finished our Constitutional Committee testing and got the results from our 70 test vote patterns.
And we got some surprising results.
It turns out the committee voting mechanism has a “Threshold of Yes votes.”
Which means that:

  • with the Quorum set to (3/9),
  • 3 Yes votes and
  • 6 No votes,
    The governance action will still be Ratified then Enacted.

We also tracked since Epoch 209 on SanchoNet.:

  • the governance state,
  • the DRep state
  • the Drep stake distributions
  • the committee state
  • the treasury amount and reserve
  • all governance actions we ratified
  • all 70 different stake credentials we used for those tests

Here is a link to all our Testing with their results and data. (Its worth the look)