Contacting Emurgo seems to be impossible


This is my first time posting,

I wanted to know if anyone who uses Yoroi ledger, and have needed to contact Emurgo for assistance, if you have had any luck getting customer assistance with them.

I have e-mailed them through numerous ways, and they have yet to even reply.

This has been over 3 weeks ago.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

There isnt an dedicated helpdesk for assisting with issues. But the developers are active in community groups across discord and telegram (also, in forum and reddit).

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If you are using Discord - here is the Cardano Community Discord Group
There is a direct Group for Yorio Questions and Support and you have a great chance to get direct response from Emurgo Devs.

Thanks for the responses.

I attempted their contact page, on their emurgo site

and also

and no one got back to me,

I also tried to contact one of the team members on twitter and they never replied either.

I will attempt to use Discord and reddit, which I have never tried before.

I suppose it it a bit of a dead end where I contact them for support, and instead of getting some kind of response, I was never e-mailed back.

I’m not sure why

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You tried this one? -
But i’m sure the best will be Discord.

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I have reached out to them today. Thank you