Contest to win 50,000 Saturn tokens split between 5 contestants for asking questions on The Cardano Effect Reddit

Hi everyone,
The team at Saturn Network has created a wallet, a DAO, and a DEX and they have future plans to connect to Cardano as Plutus rolls out. They have also provided 50,000 (x2) Saturn tokes for 5 people asking questions to be awarded at the end of the podcast. The token award for each person will be 10,000 Saturn on the ETH chain and 10,000 Saturn on the ETC chain. Here is the Twitter post if you would like to share:

Feel free to leave your questions here on the subreddit thread:

Of the 5 hosts and guests: Sam, Alex, OCG, Philippe and Rick we will each select a person asking questions to be awarded the tokens. Thanks for participating!

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Would you Please! tell why “Cardano!” Effect is talking about other project, NOT RELATED WITH CARDANO! ??

they have future plans to connect to Cardano as Plutus rolls out.


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Traxia had plans too!

Have you asked the Traxia team if they’ve dropped their plan entirely? From how I see it, they needed to get something done and they can’t wait for Shelley or Goguen to be implemented so they built on Binance chain. I don’t see any reason not to go multi-platform once Cardano is capable of smart contracts.
Syre also had plans for Cardano before they made the project reveal. Do you see Robert abandonning Cardano when it was decided to implement it first on the Tesseract wallet for Ethereum?


I think its not good for Cardano community iniciative as cardano effect to talk about any project until they are certain that they use Cardano Blockchain …
In corporate space its very logical, in fact for me, and Traxia Experience it would be wise that channels of Cardano stay focus on Cardano!
If they want to talk about other cryptos, `lease feel free but no in Cardano space until the Crypto is on Cardano blockchain! if not call it Crypto effect or wherever …

In my humble opinion is a very big mistake!

I don’t see why their podcast need to be tribal. Or for the community for that matter. It’s not productive to be trapped in a Cardano bubble. One goal of Cardano is to be interoprable with other blockchains/platforms. In my opinion, I think it’s a good idea to talk to devs of other projects to see a bit of what’s happening in the crypto space and discuss how a bridge between different projects can be made.
To me, Cardano Effect implies the butterfly effect of the Cardano project. Why would other projects want to build on top of Cardano? What effect did Cardano have on them to make their plan?


This is Cardano space!

Once they are on Cardano Blockchain

Of course totally agree and i m sure IOHK EMURGO do a lot of this

This is why it should be on Cardano, once general user has some little fact right about Cardano then the project that are collaborating with Cardano would get exposure from Cardano community channels

This is just my opinion! and it can be stupid for some people i alreadu accepted that once i write it

You don´t have to miss the purpose of things!!

There are people still thinking Cardano is a scam, Cardano effect could be useful trying to tackle that instead! just for now … for strategic matters