Control of Bad Actor Whales + Need for Weekly Cardano Blockchain Statistics & Analytics Report

I wrote I have a theory that competitors bought into the ICO and they are dropping their ADA hard to create panic selling and also picking up (but keeping the supply higher then the demand).

If you tell me that you can’t use 50m of ADA to influence price without sacrificing too much of it then we might have a different understanding about markets. I am not only speaking about sell walls, but other techniques as well.

My theory might be wrong, but it’s interesting that in the bear market ADAs speculative bubble is bursting much faster then the other Top10 crypto coins despite its excellence of team, vision & performance. Meaning if these factors don’t count in comparison with the other projects the market may be irrational or act with hidden agenda. There is nothing complex about this theory.

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What would be interesting to deduct the tokens for Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo from the calculation. Or is this already done?

I have a different opinion, a person can work anonymously in the network, since I worked correctly in their projects and act correctly in the network. I do not think that it is necessary to break that litter of anonymity because there can be many more people with good intentions hidden behind a nickname that you have to face in reality in the world. The privacy must be chosen by each one and if the person admits that it is their representative in the network, it will be their choice according to their conclusions; Of course, a network that has recognized users will have more popularity, but we can do the same security with anonymous / recognized users since they are active and act correctly with Cardano. The thing is to punish the bad guys regardless of their anonymity or not.

So they sold 26B and there is 31B, so guess their distribution was just added on top even after the money. I mean remember that the money went to IOHK and they in turn gave the tokens.

yeh so they gave 5b free to to emurgo, iohk, and the foundation.

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So the question remains, how many of the ICO buyers are still around? :)))

So, not sure you’ll find many takers on this topic as it has been the subject of this mega thread starting back in Feb:

@jb455 is right, the first day trading price on Bittrex is not the ICO price. Just wait till the ICO purchasers are not up 700% anymore and then we may see some real redistribution.

It would also be nice to receive a weekly graphical report from IOHK, regarding analytics & statistics from the Cardano Blockchain (weekly technical reports are nice, but this would be as essential). Such a report would be also the best way to monitor the health of the Ecosystem.

In fact network stats, usage and overall health would be great and maybe even better if it was NOT from IOHK, but rather from an independent group. @minibikini and I scratched the surface of doing just this here: The development work has been top notch, but we had hoped to see support from staking rewards or community incentives so until that time it’s not likely to be actively developed. :disappointed: It would be great however to have the resources to provide stats like ADA in use, ADA being traded, ADA being held, and a developer friendly API. Personally I feel there is a vast difference between trading and using, and would love to find ways to separate and track actual utility from speculation.

@jb455 is right 62236134/25927070538 = .0024004306

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Yes I did realize this.

What was misleading to me that Charles claimed ADA was trading four times higher then ATL when around 0.1 USD.

Eventually it hit the markets already with 10 times up, which is pretty common in crypto.

Why this is interesting is to realize that the whales from the ICO are still making huge profits selling at these prices, which they wouldn’t have made if they ICO price would have been the ATL price. Well at least in crypto terms :))) 300% is still amazing.

This also brings us to my bad actor whale theory, that the whales selling now are doing it rightly if they optimize their investment for a short time frame.

You can realize that ADA price is driven from Asia, mainly Japan & South Korea time zones, which suggests most of the holders are there, but more importantly the ICO whales.

It would be nice to get some statistics, analytics and graphical reports from the Cardano Blockchain to let the public understand better the ADA market, Cardano Blockchain activity and so forth. Not sure why such reports are not prepared and regularly shared with the Community.

Still I have the feeling we are in a down spiral caused by people who want to sell ADA at a certain price and buy back lower.

What is interesting is that at a daily volume of 50m, somewhere 2% of total supply. If it would not always be the same (or a high portion of the same) coins exchanged, we would have every second account holder sold their coins in the past month, which I seriously doubt. So it would be good to know how much of the same or different coins are being exchanged over a period of a month.

Anyway I am totally impressed with Cardano now considering they raised 60m USD and managed to deliver in such quality & fashion so far. Look at EOS with their 4b USD ICO (which ETH has already been liquidated), which project I believe is far off from Cardano (except their marketing & Troll machine).

What will be interesting to see if Cardano can really set up sustainability in time as it’s critical for the survival of the platform. Charles mentioned that the burn rate is at 1m USD per month today, and considering the start in 2015 and the growth of the team and also Cardano Foundation and Emurgo activities, the money raised might dry out in EOF 2020. It’s also important that the Treasury will get enough income from the Cardano network, so there will be enough activity to collect the fees. DAPPs are critical to come. I could even live with some sort of taxation on you ADA holdings on your account would the treasury not receive funds below a certain threshold, though I understand this would scare away lot of people :slight_smile: We just have to make sure the Treasury will have enough to keep IOHK around for the next decade.

As a large investor in ADA/Cardano, in long positions, I know we (myself and 5 other independent investors, totaling 13.4m ADA, greatly need to see the marketing and executive team funneling progress and updates to media and forums, outside the cardano forum. Reports, competitive edge and updates on the platform. Its not just a matter of what innovative product and platform is the best, marketing and fighting fire with fire creates the winner…Ever heard of the Tucker Automobile? It had every innovative accessory one could need for a car in the 40’s yet Chevy and Ford squashed it, in the same fashion that ETH, EOS, and IOTA are squashing ADA. I have been holding ADA since it went onto the exchanges. I have bought down constantly to lower my cost avg, but this is getting ridiculous and yet we are getting no support to mean anything from marketing, executive or dev’s. We really need the Core Team to step up and realize, even if you are the best, and we all think you are, they will crush you if YOU let them. Step up and Speak up. At some point we are going to have to cut our losses if we see no aggressive measure from the Core Team to mitigate the short selling.
Sincerely, Hybish

First there is no short selling, second, check performance of these coins you mention and Its the same. When you measure it weighed taking into account the up-move and the down-move it is the same.

You cant pump a goat. You can put a goat in a suit, but its still a goat.

You cannot fool the market, you cant artificially keep up a price, that is why we are falling, cause the price was just much higher than it should be.

ETH is down 88.80% from ATH, but didnt go up as much as ADA. Weighting the returns, ADA has performed better than ETH. ADA is down less.

Pink line is ETH - again, in the same time period since it went live, ADA has outperformed ETH

Anyone claiming ADA is being crushed dis-proportionally simply does not understand markets or how returns work. Measuring two different vehicles from ATH is not the way to do it.


Charles Hoskinson has stated more than once that he will do nothing to support the price, and marketing will start when there is a fully functional product to market. If that’s not good enough for you, perhaps you should just get out now.


As well as a investor I am sick of hearing crying about lack of marketing from investors who cannot claim any involvment in promotion of Cardano themdselves. What have you and your investor group done to secure your investment from the time you got involved i Cardano? As I se on your profile you have not contributed in any discutions in this forum. Prove me wrong by showing some other initiatives you have done for “the community” If not possible, please come back when you have done some marketing ect.


Maybe the 6 of you should have invested in building on top of the Cardano platform and then you could control your marketing (probably make more too).
There will be marketing, but it won’t be like what has been seen with other crypto’s, it will come most likely through third parties building on the platform, but you can be sure that at some point there will be some type of marketing that will bring awareness up for the platform (not necessarily marketing for Ada).


Guys don’t forget that marketing is an endless cost item.

I just wrote that 60m USD raised by the Cardano project is not that much. Ok they did sell their BTC at a good time so it might be more, maybe double. EOS has 4 billion USD so don’t compare their marketing budget. I would even say we should have the Community ad-hoc sponsoring marketing activities.

Nevertheless you have to spend on marketing at the right time because you will only have one or two campaigns to afford for a period of 4-12 weeks. Is this the right time now? Definitely not!

I tend to agree that the Community has to stand up and start to support the venture instead of panicking about the price. Start to make educational videos on YouTube, start to organize local Cardano MeetUps, start to build DAPPS (soon :)), start to support Cardano in social media, bring your best expertise to the forum with creative topics and comments, start to self organize task forces from the Community, start to evangelize Cardano in your close social circle, do something that has value!

On the other side I also agree that large ADA bag holders should have their voice and opinion heard by the IOHK team as they can have significant impact on many things, price, governance, etc.


I beg to differ. Marketing is needed but the community of x thousands of people is in a far greater position to market and build knowledge about the product than 100 inhouse devs.

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If there is no community who use the money then there is no money, cos all monies are not real and they need some community who believe in them.

This is why I think Community development should be top priority for Cardano.

I could even imagine some sort of Multi-Level-Marketing driven approach by the Community that would spread the word and do the evangelism.

Though MLMs are often mistaken with Pyramid Games, so it does not have a good reputation :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I could very well imagine Community members maintaining their reputation level in the Cardano Blockchain and as they bring in more and more people, as they perform more and more evangelism their rating would increase. Like you would start as a Deacon, then level up to a Priest, then to a Bishop, Archbishop, High Priest, etc. Obviously we would need a leaderboard which is “liberal” and does not use a ranking from a certain religion.

So the challange is how to incentivize / reward, empower and mobilize the Community for further growth an development in maturity? I wish there was some focus on this … will spin off this discussion to a new topic as we lost the original one :slight_smile:


Best marketing for me would be an actual project that causes influx of new users. That would probably generate a lot of media as well. While I would love for African projects to materialize frankly said many memorandums of understanding ends up in nothing. Cardano can out compete many financial services by efficiency. Pension distribution is one example where you could fend off current models.


This is my dream announcement: UK develops pension system built on Cardano.
Now that would be great marketing!

Probably totally unrelated to blockchain, but what a coincidence:

Our multi-award winning approach – The Cardano Way – has had quite an impact for UK pension schemes in the last seven years.

It’s like reading an article from the future :slight_smile:


Smart Ledgers & Collective Defined Contribution Pensions webinar