Copy / paste DB folder between relays

Hello all!

Does anybody know if it is possible to copy the database folder (db) from one relay to another to shorten the sync time?
I would be copying to and from my own relays, hence i trust the source of this database.
Another question is if it actually helps, or if the CPU is the bottleneck in rebuilding the chain from scratch.

Any insight is greatly appreciated :smile:


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Yes you can, and it will save on sync time a lot too. Make sure the relay you are copying to is stopped beforehand, copy, then start. It will spend some time checking the db and once done continue as you would expect.


Worked like a charm :smile:

Can you copy db between relay and producer nodes as well?

yes you can


Not to hijack the thread :blush: but I remember to have read somewhere that you should remove the ledger data from the db directory when copying it over.
The reasoning was that the ledger dir is supposed to contain system specific details which should not be transferred to another system.

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I just copied the entire db folder and I haven’t noticed any issues yet, although it’s not fully caught up.