Create token and swap them for NFT fees


I was planning on giving away 10,000 tokens that could be swapped for an NFT or just given the NFT if you hold a token when they become available.

The plan was to create a faucet or some other type of airdrop for the tokens until I did the math on the fees to do so.

In order to giveaway 10,000 tokens I need to use 1.17 ADA per token so it would cost @ $15,000 to give away 10,000 tokens? Then it would cost me double that to give or swap out the NFTs.

This is going to be cost prohibitive . Also the need to give 1 free ADA with each token would set up some bad incentives for people to abuse the faucet.

Anyone have any recommendations? I was trying to create a game that would get started for free. But it seems free will cost me $15K or $30K.

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For the simple experimental game that we deployed recently, users send a transaction with the min-ada to the “faucet” and then receive back the token and remaining ada after the ~0.17 ada transaction fee is deducted. This isn’t quite free, since they pay the cost of two transactions. (We cover the cost of running the service and the IPFS pinning.) We considered refunding both fees in the outgoing transaction, but that is harder to orchestrate if one accounts for concurrency issues—we might include the rebate when we migrate this service to a smart contract.

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