Daedalus Issue Calculating ADA Fee to send NFT

Have minted over 2,000 NFTs, and started sending them to folks, suddenly after sending 30 NFTs to different wallets, everytime I try to send it just stays hours calculating the ADA fee?

I deleted and restored the wallet and was able to send 1 NFT then the issue continued.

Anyone that can help we will be happy to issue a SKULLYS NFTs


Still have this issue?
btw, Cardano supports only native tokens - NFTs coming whit smart contract support around summer.

They are all native tokens, way would we mint otherwise? we know this.

Its a Daedalus issue, just like you cannot search for NFTs in your wallet, so I have over 5,000 Native ADA token NFTs and to search for one its a fucking nightmare. In Metamask you can see the image of your NFT and search, Many times not ready for prime time yet, that’s part of the growing pains and the fun and the discovery.


Do you have a link to Metamask?
just for clarification - a non fungible token is a special native token. for example ADA itself a token, but fungible.

Your are confusing apples with oranges. MetaMask is a web3 app for ETH. It has nothing to do with Cardano.

hmm - can you please quote where I made any connection between Metamask and Cardano?
btw, thanks for the info about Metamask.