Daedalus 1.0.3253 "CERT_HAS_EXPIRED"

Hi, I have my Cardano on an old wallet (Daedalus 1.0.3253). When I try to open it, it now remains stuck on “Connecting to network…”. The logs seem to indicate timeouts when connecting to nodes, and the Daedalus.log file indicates an error code “CERT_HAS_EXPIRED”. I do not have access to the 12 words recovery secret. The wallet is still installed on my machine and I have access to its files, including secret.key. How can I resolve this certificate issue, or recover my keys / wallet given the information that I have please?
Thank you!

Bkp the secret.key and u will need to downlod the latest version of daedalus and restore the wallet using the secret key but u will need the spending password in order to move the funds

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I tried that but the wallet recovered with the secret.key file is empty after synching the blockchain. I should be able to see the funds right?

If u had funds on that wallet yes, u should see the funds… do u see any transactions history? Perhaps u moved the funds? Can u check on exchange to transactions history to which address did u sent the ADA? Do u see that address on daedalus?

I do not see any transaction history, regardless of the timeframe selected. Unfortunately I do not have access to the history of the exchange anymore but I did sent ADA to this wallet about 3 years ago.

can u share one address from daedalus? Thanks

Could you educate me on how to obtain the receiver address please? I only have access to the ‘Send’ tab for this wallet in the latest version and I am not able to see any address

right, you can’t… because Byron was deprecated…