Daedalus 2.0.0#13980 -- red byron badge

I have downloaded and installed the Daedalus 2.0.0 wallet (Mac). I created a wallet and the network synched. BUT, the wallet is showing a Byron badge and it is red. Shouldn’t I see a Shelley badge and it should be green? The wallet doesn’t appear to have any functionality, for instance, I can’t see how to add ADDA to it. If I click on the network icon, it says that Cardano is transitiong and 0% of the blocks are produced by the stake pools. Have I done someting incorrectly? Should I delete that wallet and try again?

NOTE: this is a fresh install, I did not have a wallet installed during the testnet.

If you restore (Restore -> Yoroi -> 15 words ITN/Shelley wallet) or create a Shelley wallet you wouldnt see that badge.
The additional functionality is only seen when your sync is complete (so node has reached hard fork to shelley) and you are using a Shelley wallet instead of Byron one.

Thanks for the reply. I had not prior wallet, I left the ADA on an exchange. When I click to add a wallet, there is a green button that says, “Create Shelley Wallet” – and that’s what I clicked. And it created a Byron wallet. I will delete the wallet I created earlier and try again.

In that case sounds like you’re creating a wallet before sync has finished

The sync doesn’t start until you create the wallet. So it worked this time. I could tell immediately because the recovery was 24 rather than 12 words. The sync was much faster. But now I need to wait for Binance to allow withdrawals. Ugh. I should have moved at least half before Sehlley, but I wanted to minimize admin time. Any idea how long it will be before we can move funds off the exchanges? Thanks.