Wallet 2.5.0

I have a problem with sync my wallet.
I have a wallet “Deadalus Incentivized Testnet v1 - Rewards (2.5.0).
What can I do with problem? Can I change the wallet? Maybe, I must change :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the answer:)

The wallet “Deadalus Incentivized Testnet v1 - Rewards (2.5.0).” has not been in use since early 2020.

You need to install a current wallet from the official sources.

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Thanks Erik,
So how to transfer funds to another wallet?

Your funds are not in the wallet, they are on the blockchain. The wallet contains the cryptographic keys you need to access those funds.

What you need from the existing wallet is the seed phrase (usually a set of 12 to 20 words). It you start up a new wallet you can enter the seen phrase to access your funds. I would actually advise that you do not use Daedalus (which is a full wallet that downloads are stores the full blockchain), but use a light weight wallet like Lace or Nami or Adalite instead.


Thanks you so much

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Nit-pick: BIP-39 seed phrases have to be multiples of 3. I have not seen Cardano wallet apps use anything except 12 (Daedalus in Byron era, some multi-chain apps), 15 (Yoroi) and 24 (all newer wallet apps).

If this wallet has not been used since early 2020, there are chances that it is still a Byron wallet. In that case, only Adalite will – maybe – work (they have put some caveat on their Byron support). Lace and Nami are not able to deal with them.

If it is a Byron wallet (addresses start with Ddz or Ae2 and not with addr1), you should probably move to a Shelley wallet soonish.

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OK guys,
But my old wallet not sync … The block sync is 0.00 %
Why i can transfer the funds on Shelley?
Is it enough to have just a Shelley wallet?

As said: If you have the seed phrase, you can try to import the wallet into any wallet app (if it already was a Shelley wallet with addr1 addresses) or at least into adalite.io (if it is a Byron wallet with Ddz addresses and 12 seed words). You don’t need to get Daedalus running for that.

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