Daedalus 2.0.1, webwallets and cardano blockchains

Do I run the risk of loosing ADA if I try to send them from a webwallet running in an unknown era (Kraken as of today) to a Daedalus wallet version 2.0.1 ?

Put another way: what happen when funds that are on the Bryon blockchain are sent to the Shelley blockchain? and how can I check that my webwallet has updated there blockchain?

@maliky Your ADA is safe when transferring from another source. It’s the same process of using and send/receive address.
If you have the old Byron, you’ll need to go to the official download (search it here on the Forum) and close your old one and download the new Shelley version. Instructions are given all along the way for ease.All your existing ADA that was with Byron will be in Shelley. Just be patient with the process as it then needs to update/sync w the blockchain.
As far as wallets or exchanges goes…each one you use should be updating their services in accordance to the Shelley upgrade. They should have sent you a notification. I use 3 and they’ve all sent me a notice that services for Cardano/ADA will be temporarily out of service until complete and will notify again once done.
Does this help answer your questions?
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Well I use Kraken and I didn’t notice any notice about their Shelley upgrade.

I expected their wallet to be unavailable but it is not (unavailable). So I’ve just tried sending ADA from their wallet to daedalus 2.0.1. It took some time (30 minute) but it reached.
I’m also tried sending ADA to my Byron daedalus address, and it work too (in less than a minute)

Just perfect.

Thank you

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Well that is excellent to hear! :smiley: