Daedalus 2.1.0 14079 Does not show all pools after installation and synchronisation

Hi Guys, I did 4 installations on 4 different machines.(the past 3 days) 3 Windows 10 and 1 Ubuntu.
I download the latest versions of the daedalus wallet.
I install the software and let the software sync
I create a new wallet and let it sync
When the full wallet was 100% sync i going to delegate tabblad (second tab left)
I select stake pools and wait till is fully load.
It doest not show all wallets.(like the earlier bug)
See 3 screenshots of 3 Windows 10 computers. (the ubuntu is not finishing sync yet)

Not all pools are showed. And my pool is 1 of the 400+ pools that are not visible after the installation. Im working on a tutorial for 3 days now and still 400 pools are not showed past 3 days.

Let me be clear. It is not only my pool and it has nothing to do with pool registration or something. Everything work well last week.