Daedalus 4.1 stuck at 99.9%

I have deleted all files and re-downloaded. I have restarted the cardano node. I can’t get it to sync and let me load in my wallet. I need access to my ADA but can;t get in. Please help.

Install yoroi chrome extension go to:

  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore
  • use daedalus seed words

Thanks. I’ll give it a try after work. Let you know how it goes. Any idea why it gets stuck?

nope, but u can apply the WA from this topic

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The daedalus wallet is still stuck. Should I delete it first and then download the yoroi wallet?

I’m on a mac too. Should I download the mac version or the chrome extension?

Sorry. I know I am all over the place. My ADA is staked. Does that matter. Do I have to get into the Daedalus to get it out?

I downloaded the Yoroi extension and it works great. All ADA is there and the rewards are there as well. I appreciate the help. Can I pull these out and put them in your stake pool?

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Sorry, it was late here :slight_smile: but u managed to install yoroi; if u will want to support my pool yeah u are welcome to delegate