Forever to open wallet - 99.9% synced

Why am I 99.9% synced upon opening my wallet, yet it takes 15 minutes to get the last .01%? LOL


But still at 99.9%? What is the size of the system RAM?

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Is it forever or 15 minutes to get the last 0.1% ? In other words, is it over or still synchronizing ? I presume you are using Daedalus. And by the way, a theoretical 100% is never achieved for long as new blocks are constantly added to the blockchain…

It sits there for two days. Still sitting there. Then when it reached 99.9 the node stopped working. Restart the node and it still not working. I have 4 Gb ram

Ok, I know for stake pools servers the requirement is 8GB but for a “simple” node I’m not sure, is your RAM somewhat saturated ? You can check with free -h and disk space with df -h. When you start Daedalus from the CLI, do you see any error message ?

It’s ok. I appreciate the help. I don’t want to waste your time. I downloaded Yoroi and it did everything I needed it to. Thanks again.

Recommended hardware requirements

  • 64-bit dual core processors
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 15 GB of free drive space
  • Broadband Internet connection

I think Yoroi is also a good choice in terms of security… only problem with that is not independent from any service…

What does one do if they want to use ADA and /or stake it if they don’t have the a computer with the requirements.

You don’t need to be a SPO in order to stake, you don’t even need a local Cardano node if you use a light wallet like Yoroi or Adalite.

It opens at 99.9.

Then it may take 15 minutes to reach 100%.

Based on your explanation ( which ate always great) NOW I understand.

Thanks you again.

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