99.95% daedalus

Today I spent more than 30 transactions and when I started the purse of the didalus, it got up to 99.95% after many reboots it does not start. Did you encounter a current problem?

hello @Dracula. It may appear to be stuck at 99.95%. Chances are that it’s not stuck, it may take a while to synchronise the blockchain. Please install the latest update from https://daedaluswallet.io/#download if you have not done so already. You don’t need to uninstall your current version to install the updated wallet.

If you are still experiencing problems after the update please read the frequently asked questions https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/

Report back if this did not help you.
Best of luck,

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people need to stop with these stupid links, if FAQ actually worked, we wouldnt have any of these posts. This is ridiculous. I’ve had nothing but problems with this wallet…had to delete everything related to daedalus on my PC… took 16 hours to sync the blockchain, and now taking 10 hours just to restore my wallet after entering my seed…who knows if this will work.

I’m sorry you’ve had such problems, but if the suggestions in the FAQ didn’t work for anyone they wouldn’t be there. Also we’ve had many reports in the forum of success using these tips.

I have the Zencash Swing Desktop wallet on my laptop. The last time it synced from scratch it took over 30 hours. For some reason the data tends to get corrupted, and when that happens, it has to sync again from scratch. I’ve done it twice so far and will have to do it at least once more – I’ve been putting it off.

Thank you, I will take note

i’m sorry to hear that it took so long, it will improve a lot when the light wallet gets released, this problem is quite natural for a blockchain that’s still under development. Ethereum had the same problem in the beginning before they released a light wallet.

You can not release a light wallet before all the core features of the heavy wallet are programmed and implemented. So although it is inconvenient, it’s a necessary evil. The world keeps evolving faster and has turned the population into instant gratification seeking addicts, we are all guilty of this in one way or the other, i find it peculiar to realise that YouTube didn’t even exist 14 years ago. Now we all want our social media, news, messages and crypto wallets to give us what we want in under 2ms.

Hoping your restore goes well!
Best of luck,

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Restoration of my wallet did not go well. I closed Daedalus. I just emailed support. Hoping i get a response soon.

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