Daedalus don't sync my second wallet!

i create two wallet in daedalus (version 1.0.3619), the first wallet works fine and I can receive Ada, but when I create another wallet, I can not see the transaction and my balance is 0 , it seems that daedalus do not sync block data,how can I fix this?

my transaction : https://cardanoexplorer.com/tx/bd01fe57bd49203023d1bfe35ce70d43e1af28ab8d4cf0626a5eca9517180711

Hi @liming_ihaomo Are you trying to create the same wallet twice?

I think i don’t create the same wallet twice, I use “+Add Wallet” button in Daedalus, and the two wallet has different address.

can I recover the wallet in another computer? maybe it will work?

Still a little unsure why you want to create two wallets. But yes, if you have the 12-word seed, you can restore wallets.

one wallet is mine, and the other wallet is for my son:grinning:

I will try to restore wallet in another computer, thanks very much !

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I restored my wallet in another computer and it works! so I suppose this is a daedalus bug: CAN NOT support multi wallet?