2 wallets 1 restores the other did not

Hello I recently had issues with my Daedalus wallet, in it was 2 wallets 1 primary and the other wallet i created as a spending wallet. now i could not remember the password to the wallets, so i deleted both wallets and used the 12 words to restore the wallet.

the issue.
The primary wallet got restored with no issues but the second wallet did not.

Please what can be done.

Thank you in anticipation.

Did any of the wallets have a balance in them? I could see why daedelus restored the original wallet, balance or not, but if the second wallet had no balance maybe it was thrown to the wind, and seen as something you can just re-do as the 2nd address is not relevant to anything.
I guess the lesson here is to use a password manager or create a paper wallet certificate

Yes… It had balance in it. the primary also had balance in it… now i do not have the second. I still see it on the blockchain and still have the address… just can not restore on daedalus…

@Olalekan_Phillips I just set up another wallet on my Daedelus and it has a completely different seed. so it seems you are missing the seed for the second wallet, maybe you forgot to write it down, which is pretty much impossible because of the way you have to verify it, when creating a wallet.

Another 12 seeded words?

I do not have that when creating the wallet…

Hi… After you message i went back in search and discovered i had written the 12 words down, i tried it and it went through the thing now is its still 0% but restoration is in progress, My concern now is that its shows 0.00000ADA.

Is this normal?

Yes thats normal whilst it re-syncs mate