Wallet restoration: Generated Address not attached to main wallet?

Hi all, I have tried to sort this through support without success, hopefully, I’ll have better results here.

The Issue: The Daedalus wallet shows a zero balance after restoring post-windows clean reinstall.

The Story: I initially created my Daedalus wallet and a paper wallet, after which I believe I may have clicked on generate a new address before I made my first deposit. After the initial deposit all of the subsequent deposits went to the same address:

Active Wallet Address

My Daedalus wallet always displayed the correct balance and transactions. After reinstalling and restoring Daedalus in December it shows a balance of zero and zero transactions for the Main Wallet Address; and the paper wallet (which was not a surprise given that I had not used it).

All support answers are essentially that I must have created another wallet and forgotten the recovery phrase. This is not the case.

After going through some threads I have seen some people with issues relating to the additional generated addresses not syncing back to their main wallet properly upon a restore. Could that be at play here? Is there some way to determine/prove what addresses are linked to what wallet?

Really hope I am not SOL and open to any suggestions :pray:

Assets types, in this case, crypto currencies, each have a prefix to determine which crypto asset it is, similar to that of IPv4 and IPv6 however I’m yet to find a complete list as to which prefix is linked to each of the assets for identification purposes.

If you think there might be a bug, you can try and use the wallet upgrade functionality in Yoroi to upgrade from a Daedalus wallet to a Yoroi wallet. If this upgrade functionality also says there isn’t any ADA in the wallet, then the issue is with the recovery phrase.