Daedalus FAQ and Support

Hey guys, if you have any problems with the Daedalus wallet please follow these steps:

  1. Check the Daedalus FAQ to see if you issues or question has been answered:


  1. If you can’t find an answer or need further support raise a ticket by clicking on ‘Support’ in the top menu of the Daedalus website:

Good call @tom.kelly - some useful info - thanks :mage:

No worries @jonmoss ! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you just delete your DDlus wallet off your host machine and then when you want to simply re generate it using the 12 word seed phrase ?

So the theory with HD wallets is to just use your 12 word seed phase to regenerate the wallet back on to any device that you have downloaded the DDlus software on - after you finish using the DDlus software you can delete it again - thus while DDlus is in its deleted state your wallet is in a cold store and safer than just quitting the DDlus software on your host device and starting it again when you want to use it…
when I say delete from your device from what I understand you have to completely delete the DDlus software from the host device that was running it - what would be good is having a tutorial to explain this process of deleting the DDlus software from Mac and windows host machines so no obvious and costly errors are made by mistake…

Just out of interest has anyone done this yet with the DDlus software

How does this total deletion of the DDlus software and regenerating it compare with a cold wallet like ledger or trezar in terms of security and protection from hacks…