Daedalus getting very slow again

It does seem to be chewing up more and more RAM these days.
Is there a way to prevent this?

Daedalus hasn’t worked at all for me since the hard-fork.
It will take an age to connect to the network, then it tries to synch with my wallets. Very quickly, all the wallets apart from 1 disappear. It carries on trying to synch, but eventually gives up. Then starts the whole process again. GOTO 10

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hmm, what operating system do you have? and what are the hardware specs?

It’s on a Mac Book Air. It’s about 3 years old. 8Gb Memory, currently about 5 Gb of free disk space.

hmmm I think it’s not enough to run Daedalus :frowning: you can increase the swap file to 2G but I don’t think this option is available on macbook, or you can try yoroi (it’s a light wallet)

Daedalus previously used to work - up until the hard-fork.

yeah, but I think after the hard fork it’s using more RAM

Would this be the same problem for me,I have an iMac 4k 2017 8gb Storage 856gb available of 1tb whatever all that means. My Daedalus takes a really long time to open, it wasn’t like this before and this has really started over last month. I also updated my Mac to macOS Monterey roughly same time as the issues started so not sure if the update is causing problem or computer?

Probably the daedalus use more resources… have patience til next release … maybe they will fix this issue

Cheers Alex.

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Here is what happens now on Daedalus after waiting a while to open. This never happened before, and I found Daedalus really easy to use, not sure if the upgrade has done this, but I’m now not able to do much and I only had ada in Daedalus nothing else. Don’t use any other thing like yoroi or anything. Not sure if I should try and restore or just leave it for now till update, not allowing me to see anything in wallet. Any advice Alex, just leave and wait on update?

Although its stating don’t have Shelley-compatible wallet all updates were done as soon as they became available.

I’m not sure what to do now.
Call me paranoid, but I really don’t fancy putting my 24-word recovery into a web page!