Daedalus installer v 0.13.1 security certificate expired for Windows 64 bit

The Daedalus installer version 0.13.1 for Windows 64 bit has an expired security certificate.

I downloaded it from https://daedaluswallet.io/#download and realized the security certificate was expired so I did not install Daedalus (although the Sha256 checksum seems to be fine). I’d rather wait for the security certificate to be renewed.

Can somebody PLEASE renew it and update the website with a fresh up to date Daedalus installer for Windows 64 bit? Thank you.

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Forwarded this to IOHK. Thank you for flagging this!

Thank you very much, I have been emailing IOHK zen desk but they keep telling me that it is safe to download Daedalus (from the official site), instead of renewing the security certificate.

Hi @Godio,

I got a response from IOHK:

The build was created prior to the expiration date of the signing certificate. Newer releases will be signed by the new certificate. There’s complications with rebuilding the same build with a different signing certificate because of how update proposals work with Cardano. It’s common practice to not rebuild old code with a new signing certificate after it expires and wait for a new release

I hope this clarifies a bit :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Andy. You have been most helpful. This gives me enough confidence to download Daedalus despite the expired security certificate.

Really nice community on this forum. I think I will live here from now on :slight_smile: