Daedalus Is it possible

On my macbook can I go to a earlier backup restore my system to a week ago and access my wallet prior to 1.4.1 update then send my coins to my yaroi wallet incase I copied down the wrong key words so I dont lose my coins if this procedure is possible than I can remove daedalus and download new wallet with current 1.4.1 and new keys that i know are the right keys or are my coins lost on this horrible update…

You don’t need the seed phrase for this update.

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Thank you for your quick response however if it should happen that the wallet crashes could I use my time machine earlier backup restore to my system send the coins to safety then download a new daedalus with new seed words incase my current ones are not correct is it possible in theory to do this

Thank you RobJF

You can create a new wallet within Daedalus, maybe you should just do that anyway, if you’re unsure of the key phrase, but if so delete the old empty one before updating to save restoration time. It’s a pity that both Daedalus and actual wallets within it are called wallets.

So grateful for your help I will let the nodes finish and if I have problems I will try to create new wallet if I can do anything after update


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