Update my wallet

I am trying to get an updated wallet, without sending all my coins back to the exchange, deleteing wallet, and reinstalling. There are no instructions

If you have your secret words, you don’t have to worry about losing your funds. They will be there waiting for you after you update your wallet. So make sure you have your secret words (triple check, please!) then update your wallet. You can uninstall it if you have to. Nothing needs to be sent to the exchange. Once you are done updating, you can restore your wallet using your secret words.

Hope this helps.


Ok, thanx! Seems weird though, that they have not figured out how to update to a new version without uninstalling. I have a lot of coins, it is scary to un-install with the coins there. But you have helped me a lot!!! Thanx!

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I don’t know what version of Daedalus you are running, but normally the update is automatic. Your wallet prompts you to update. You click the button, sit back and watch the magic happen. 15-30 min later you get yourself a brand new, shiny wallet.

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This is from the Dash blog, but has an interesting alternative description of Wallet:

I have 1.1.5813 but the wallet update is Maybe I do not need to update. I did not get the message with a button.

Hi again ADA FAn,
Quick question since I am so new to this. With the button in the wallet “Create a new wallet” What is that for?

yes is the latest version. I was prompted to upgrade to it. I would update if I were you since you are getting a better product (hopefully). BUT ABSOLUTELY make sure you are downloading it from the official website. go to cardano’s main website to get to daedalus website to download it.

So this is if you want to create an entirely new wallet, with a new set of 12 secret words. It will be different from the one you already created.

There is one important concept that you should know. The money (your value) is not stored at your computer only. It’s stored on the blockchain, and even if you would and try very hard: you can’t delete it from there.

Second: On your computer you have the private key, allowing you to access this value, and prove that this is yours.

The third thing is the seed passphrase, not stored on the chain and (hopefully) also not on your computer. This one is your way to “restore your wallet” which practically means: restore your private key.

Regarding your question on the “new wallet” button.
You already created a wallet (so you have the passphrase and the resulting private key)
Nobody denies you to create another one. And you can send your :ada: from one to the other wallet the same way as when you send it to someone else.

Imagine you have a relative large anount of ADA, and for daily use you need only a small part of it. Then you can create a second wallet, move most value there and then remove this wallet from your computer, by only keeping the seed passphrase in a secure (offline) place. In fact there are so called paper wallets for this, and in the near future it will be possible to store the private key on a “Ledger stick”
All this is to protect your private key from being stolen from your PC (when malware-infected or robbed by a thief)


OK, thanx. I noticed on the main site, it is not a secure site. Getting the wallet is not a secure site. You just have to believe it is Cardano

Saved to Google Keep to help educate others! Thanks @werkof

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Yes it is. If you’re on the proper site and click on the small icon at the left end of the address bar you should see something like this:



But how can you verify that your secret words are correct? There seems to be no provision for this.

When you create a paper wallet, Daedalus will ask you to enter your secret words as a test that you wrote them down correctly. I don’t remember if it asks for all of them though…

Just create a paper wallet and you should see how the process works.

Same here, no uninstall ever. Smooth as butter.

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I’m running Daedalus Wallet on a Mac. I haven’t launched the program in roughly 2 months or so. I clicked the icon to launch the program today and an installer window popped up. Is this normal for an update?

Not sure about that. I’d probably cancel that then download and install the latest version from https://daedaluswallet.io/#download No need to uninstall/delete first. Syncing will take a while though if it has to catch up on two months of transactions.

Thanks, RobJF. I went ahead and did that and all seems to be okay. Question: How exactly do you “back up” your wallet?

You’re welcome! The ultimate “backup” is the 12 word seed phrase, with that you can always restore your wallet on any device. However, for more convenience, you can make copies of certain files/folders. I’m not sure of the details on a Mac so I’ll let someone else step in…

hi have a big issue I have issues syncing network does complete 100% ,using version 1.3.0 , I have lost my secrets words . so cannot uninstall

any way to recover my wallet to fix this block syncing issue using Mac OS Mojave

would appreciate your help