Daedalus ITN not syncing and it's not going to

Daedalus war vor 30 Monaten der Grund für Cardano-ADA.
Werde nur Daedalus nutzen sonst nichts.

I want this to work. It’s not helping anyone if I drop a pile of crap and move on.

Hey duanemitchell:

Another member has mentioned Yoroi to you, and it has worked well for me in Firefox and Chrome. If you need/want multiple wallets now (multiple wallet capacity is in the works for Yoroi, according to Emurgo), it’s simple enough to: Add Yoroi extension -> seed-recover -> use recovered wallet -> remove Yoroi extension -> repeat as required. Both browsers can operate concurrent, independent cycles taking ~five minutes each to complete.

“It’s not helping anyone if I drop” ??

If for whatever reason you can’t or choose not to delegate via Daedalus Rewards, delegation via Yoroi might suit until IOHK’s next Daedalus Rewards Wallet revision is ready. CH mentioned our current alpha-beta stage in his latest update. Software function and usability data gathered from pool operators and delegators is used by IOHK to verify and improve Cardano’s systems. So, network participation, in a very real and material way, helps everyone. If that means for you, a temporary Daedalus Rewards “drop”, it’s clearly well worth considering.

It would be nice if IOHK posted an update on the Daedalus problems on the staking website.

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ITN aktualisieren

In der Zwischenzeit wird das Incentivized Testnet bald ein Update erhalten. Die letzte Woche wurde übersprungen, da die neue Jormungandr-Version ziemlich groß ist. Wir sind auf dem Weg zu einem Freitag-Update, das Daedalus, das neue Wallet-Backend und die neueste Version von Jormungandr bündelt. Wir glauben, dass wir zwischen dieser Woche und den Veröffentlichungen der nächsten Woche eine große Anzahl von Schwierigkeiten lösen werden. Jede Woche wollen wir uns neuen Herausforderungen stellen.

Dies kann das Sperren an einen vertrauenswürdigen Peer, das Trennen von Verbindungsproblemen usw. umfassen. Die Netzwerkstabilität hat sich erheblich verbessert. Es ist vom niedrigen 40-Perzentil auf das 90-Perzentil gestiegen. Dies bedeutet, dass sich die von uns durchgeführten Netzwerk-Upgrades positiv auswirken. Sie haben den Endbenutzer jedoch noch nicht erreicht. Wir werden weiterhin jede Menge Herausforderungen angehen. Wir freuen uns auf unsere nächste große Veröffentlichung am Freitag, den 14 … Wenn Benutzer weiterhin Probleme haben, empfehlen wir die Verwendung von Yoroi. Sie können Ihre Anmeldeinformationen übertragen und dann in 2 oder 3 Wochen zu Daedalus zurückkehren.

Charles Hoskinson Cardano Update - 13/02/2020

Da ist alles gesagt. Danke.

Same problem with me in September and November. I went to yoroi wallet on chrome with no issues. I suggest quit hitting your head against the wall and go with yoroi.

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This isn’t about Yoroi. Software engineering is what I do. There’s no quitting in Boston. We make fast work of the quitters here.

Then quit complaining and solve the problem


Being unfriendly will get us nowhere.

Fiddling around with the trusted peers is not recommended. The new Daedalus release (2.1.0) will improve your situation a lot, but since you are on a Mac there is a little problem when installing it right now and as far as I know they are working on it.

If you are trying to open it on Catalina then Safari may complain and you need to “explicit” open it by right clicking the file and select “open” from the menu. Unfortunately this throwed a second error for me, but afterwards it was possible to install Daedalus.

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Thanks AdaT. On a Mac with Catalina unfortunately.

Right clicking just brings up the same “Malicious software” warning. Closing that brings up a second warning saying Safari has no application to open the file.

Right click open depends on another setting. What you can also do is, after trying to open it, go to “Security and Privacy” under “System Preferences”-App. Click on “allow apps downloaded from IOHK” or whatever it says. This should do the trick.

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Thanks AdaT. Will try.

It seems there is no option in Catalina to allow specific developers through the Sys PPref / S&P. Used to beable to allow specific downloads right through the warning box.

Apparently Mac tightened their gatekeeper program. There is a workaround but it involves disabling security settings etc which doesn’t seem worth the risk.

Will wait for next update.

Waiting for the next update is a good idea. That said I’m running Catalina myself and it works after the workaround above.

Please note that this depends on a certain setting in “Security and Privacy” and that newer MacOs came with a different default setting. The Apple support document for this whole issue here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491

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Thanks AdaT. I had found that same article previously - and another with a more involved workaround - but I never get that “OPEN ANYWAY” option at the end of the article which I am familiar with from past uses. Catalina / Safari simply refuses to open it.

Digging into the gatekeeper settings is more than I want to do.

Sure, I understand completely.

I downloaded and installed the latest update. As is noted above by @ocnjcarp this is not a properly prepared Mac application for distribution. It needs to be certified AND notarized. That said it’s got my attention as not right from the start. Working around that problem I installed the software and it does not connect to the network. This is a step backward from the previous version. Going on the assumption that this alpha quality software does work in the lab I will work on this more as I have time.

The problem with the macOS notarization was unfortunate - to be fair Apple enforces this new stricter notarization from February 3, 2020, and the wallet team ran into this.

As far as I know, there will be an update soon with correct notarization. That the software does not connect may be a side effect on this if the mac firewall is set in a way that it does not allow unsigned apps to connect to the internet. (but this is only my assumption)