I’m just back from holiday and updated Daedalus to v2.0.1-ITN1, hoping that this testnet wallet would work with no issues given the plan that this was to fix syncing and other bugs.

Sadly nothing is happening, so while I think my ada is staked I can’t check because my new wallet v2.0.1-ITN1 won’t connect. Any suggestions?

It’s been open for a while now, perhaps 10 minutes, no luck. I’ve restarted the computer and still nothing?

If it doesn’t connect in about 5 minutes, I restart it by clicking on the status icons below “Connecting to network” and selecting “RESTART CARDANO NODE”. After one or two restarts it usually connects, but today I’ve done it at least 5 times and still no luck. I guess the network is in the bad shape today.

Thanks. Tried as you suggested. Reconnected at 15% and then started syncing backwards.

Will try again tomorrow.