Daedalus lost recovery

I have a deals wallet. My ADA is store on Finance (was on Daelus but when I realized I hd lost the recovery phrase I transferred to Finance).

I deleted Daelus and then installed it, thinking I could create a NEW Daelus and THIS TIME make sure I remember where I stored the recovery phrase.

Unfortunately, It appears to be the SAME deals account!!! NOT a new one.

Is there any way to “destroy/kill” THIS Daleus and get a fresh new install with new recovery words?

You need to delete the wallet data.

Thanks a million

I assume it will THEN let me install it as a VIRGIN install?

I did what you suggested.

No matter what it is seeking (not like giving me) the recovery words.

It must be because on their end they “know” it’s me.


You are a genius !!!

All I had to do after your steps was create a new wallet!!! It gave me the wo0rds for recovery!! A brand new set!!

Thanks a BILLION!!!

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