Daedalus Network Graph Vis Page

Hi all. Some time ago I was using Daedalus and was delighted by a network graph diagnostic page that showed your local synced block height growing and catching up w/ the network block height.

Where has it gone?

I can not find it. Is there a secret keystroke to access it? Is it totally available in the menu somewhere and am I just not finding it?

Anybody know what I am talking about?

Loving the Cardano. Let’s test the heck outta Shelley.

Hello @dbwest ,
do you mean the “block storage consolidation status”? It’s Command+B on a Mac, very likely STRG+B on Windows but I’m not sure.

I’m on Linux. Using the new rewards wallet.

CTRL+B did not bring up anything.

It’s Ctrl-D. Also accessible via Help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nope. That’s different than what I was talking about, it was a constantly updating time series graph with the current block height and your latest synced block. It was really cool. It is not Daedalus Diagnostics.