Daedalus node is not responding

the latest daedalus version 4.2 suddenly does not want to startup . It hangs saying that node is not responding. I did not do anything out of the ordinary.

cardano node state: running
cardano node responding: No
Cardano node time correct: yes
cardano node syncing: No
cardano node in sync: No

Daedalus status:
Connected: No
Synced : No

What should i do ?

What is the hw configuration of the PC?

Same issue started today. Restarted the node and still hangs. Going to let it run for awhile to see what happens. Note that I had Daedalus running on this PC for months with no issues


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Same issue today with Daedalus 4.2.1. Says it is connecting and never does. Was working properly before upgrading today from 4.2

I left Daedalus on for about 30 minutes and it eventually came through. Give it time