Daedalus - On reinstalling doesn't pair with Nano X Ledger wallet - Nor can Ledger Users Vote ADA

Recently bought a new computer and had to reinstall Daedalus, ever since this reinstall of 4.5.0 Daedalus and reinstalling, Daedalus will not pair with my Ledger Nano X.

Unfortunately, all the suggestions I have read from other VICTIMS of this bug that have ledgers have not worked. Even Reinstalling the Reinstall of Daedalus on the new computer system has done nothing either.

I can see my hardware wallet on YOROI. So my ADA is safe and accessible. This is not the ultimate issue what is the ultimate issue is Daedalus is Cardanno’s wallet. As an investor, I Truly hate seeing the products of the companies I invest in have repeated problems and it is apparent the Developers of Cardano are not taking these issues as seriously as they should be.

One other issue with Ledger Hardware wallets is you cannot vote from them. That’s right you cannot vote from Daedalus on a Ledger Hardware wallet. Not without… transferring your ADA to a soft wallet incurring transactions fees then Voting, then transferring them back to your hardware Ledger wallet.

It seems to me the Cardano family should look to Daedalus as its product and should work consistently and relatively seamlessly. But there are so many comments on Ledger owners having troubles with Daedallus.The issue that Daedallus Ledger users cannot vote without being charged ADA by needless transfers of ADA to nad from wallets points to a Blockchain that only gives lip service to Democratic voting. This has to be fixed