Daedalus stuck at Syncing Block 100%

I can confirm the issue on Windows 10 Enterprise (Version 1709, OS Build 16299.309) also, using Daedalus Windows Build v1.1.4883 (Daedalus v0.9.0, Cardano v1.1.0). It’s a fresh Windows installation, using an ISO image from https://microsoft.com/, with no software other than Daedalus installed. It’s running in a virtualized environment.

Rebooting the computer didn’t help, nor did starting over after uninstalling Daedalus and removing %appdata%\Daedalus.

I’ve done an experiment where I started and exited Daedalus 15 times, letting it run for 5+ minutes every time, saving logs of each attempt. It worked normally on the 5th and 6th tries, but otherwise it got stuck on the initial screen with the message Syncing blocks… 100.00%. When it got stuck, it didn’t matter that I let it run for 1-2 hours, it never continued. When it worked, it continued instantly after syncing finished.

  • There are no errors, exceptions or out of the ordinary messages in any of the log files:
    • Daedalus.log
    • launcher
    • node.pub
  • Local block count catches up to network block count always, as reported by debug messages in Daedalus.log.
  • These messages are only present in Daedalus.log on successful attempts:
    • [info] ========== Synced after <n> milliseconds ==========
    • [info] ========== Loaded after <n> milliseconds ==========

@lamht What version of Windows are you running exactly? If you need to move your ADA urgently, then as a workaround you can try quitting and then starting Daedalus again, a few times. I’m not certain it’ll work in your case, but it did for me on Windows 10. Or restore your wallet to a different computer.

@Miner Do you also have the problem of getting stuck on Syncing blocks… 100.00%?