Daedalus sync halts and starts

After resuming sync with 96%, on a modern Win10 desktop w/8GB it’s taken over a day of torturous halting and stopping, with the sync sometimes pausing for hours and requiring the node to be restarted while memory is pegged at 95% (disk 50%, cpu 20%) and the machine barely responsive.

Daedalus has always been a bit horsey but this heavy memory load on the workstations is off the chart. So after reaching 100% 2hrs ago w/no blocks received since the node is 6000 block behind yet still showing 100% and just haltingly picked up a few blocks but barely keeping-up with the network.

Wondering if anyone else experiencing this and/or if there’s any optimization that can be done.

8G is not enough for daedalus, it will use ~9G; perhaps this is the reason

Check this tutorial to increase the swap file on windows 10; try to set it up to min3G - max 6G and check again the daedalus (restart it)

Please let me know if this will solve the issue/

Thank you

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Hi Alex, seems your recommendation did the trick. After increasing my swap file from 1Gmin/6Gmax (auto) to 8Gmin/32Gmax (manual) the sync has been continuous for 10hrs while downloading the final 4% (as observed in the …/chain/immutable folder) and while the desktop interface is still sluggish at least it isn’t completely unresponsive like it was before (but I shudder to think about the time to download the entire chain! Thx much for responding to my inquiry!

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UPDATE: While Daedalus running on my Dell 3010 w/8Gb managed to maintain 100% sync after updating my swap file lately it just can’t seem to maintain sync with an occasional new tip acquired every 15 or 20 mins, sometimes halting for hours . Nothing except Windows Updates has changed on this machine between when it was capable of maintaining Daedalus sync and now when it cannot keep up leading me to believe it’s network related (I’m connected via wifi through a buffalo air-station).

Clearly 8Gb is not adequate for the heavy-handed Daedalus client so I’m not sure whether to tinker with the networking (perhaps wire the workstation directly to the router) or upgrade (unfortunately the 3010 max is 8gb). Any insight on how other Windown users are doing running Daedalus would be appreciated as I want to avoid chasing my tail if this is outside my environment. Thx.

8GB it’s not enough… the last node version is using ~10G of RAM… increasing the SWAP file to minim 4G should help… if not wait for the next versions of DAEDALUS, the team is working to optimize the wallet performance

Ah, just noticed the hardware requirement on the Daedalus site increased from 8Gb to 16Gb so no argument now about my 8Gb hand-me-down not being up to the task. Time to upgrade, Thx.

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