Daedalus transaction balance off for short while

I am having a strange problem with my daedalus wallet where everytime i open it the transaction balance is off. It takes minute or two and it updates. I find it strange that every single time i close and open the program it does this?

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

even more strange i downloaded my transaction history in csv and it doesn’t add up to either total displayed in the wallet?

It would take a while to scan and add your reward balance upon boot up of node, assuming it’s already in sync

Transaction history wouldnt contain rewards as they’re not usual blockchain transactions

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interesting, I just opened the wallet and now the balance including rewards is shown immediately, not after awhile. I would suggest to IOHK to include rewards as transactions or have some sort of record instead of just displaying the total on the rewards tab. It would make everything much more transparent to understand how the balance is being summed.

one more suggestion would be not to show balance until rewards are summed. It is alarming when you see your balance be one number then another all of sudden when moving around in the wallet. Before I read you comment, I was not sure which balance was the real one

Requests for Daedalus are best raised via IOG support

Sounds good. Will put in my suggestions there. Thanks for your help!