Daedalus Wallet Balance

Hello to this beautiful community.

Would like to know if it’s possible to see not only transaction history, but also partial balance and transaction type {normal, reward}

As it stands today (that I am aware of) I can only see current balance, and rewards don’t show as transactions.

E.g.: starting balance is 1,000 ADA, then 5 epochs of average 1 ADA per epoch, and in the middle, an incoming transaction of 50 ADA. Current Balance would show 1055 ADA, but history would show partial balance to be 1,000 ADA > 1,001 ADA after a 1 ADA “reward transaction” > … > 1,055 ADA after a “normal transaction”

Maybe I’m missing and this is already part of Daedalus?

Thank you as always and I hope y’all have a great week!

If you are looking for a better delineation of rewards break down along with other great metrics you can check out pool tool.

It is very helpful