Daedalus Wallet shows transactions - ADA balance not correct/sync

I have a strange one…all Daedalus blocks are synced and I’m into the wallet on both my PC and laptop.

I have 4 total transactions showing on both the PC and laptop, however the correct coin total is only showing on the laptop.

Pc is only showing 25% of my coins, laptop Daedalus shows all the coins.

100% syned and looking at Daedalus, can someone explain why the desktop is incorrect?

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The desktop is out of sync, even though it shows “100%” sync. Exit the wallet and restart the wallet. If that does not work, restart the desktop.

If you check your ADA address on the Cardano Explorer
and the transaction shows correctly, this is the gold standard of what is correct. Wallets are merely a window onto the contents of the blockchain, and they frequently have problems keeping up-to-date. Your wallet is connected to a few nodes, and it is common for nodes to fall behind for many reasons (loosing connection with other nodes, poor or intermittent or low capacity internet connection, DDOS attack, etc.)

I have restarted both the wallet and the computer to no avail.

I have even deleted the DB-1.0 file per Daedalus Support request.

It seems like the PC is somehow missing some blocks, however these transactions were completed about 3-4 days ago and they show thousands of confirmations.

The coin balance is correct on the Laptop Daedalus wallet, but not the PC, I am still confused. Any other suggestions?

Save your keys. Backup the wallet. (Since you are able to see the wallet contents on your laptop, I assume you have already backed up and saved the private key/mnemonic.)

Then completely uninstall and download the latest from the download site, and reinstall.

I did back up the keys , deleted the db-1.0 file, deleted Daedalus, then reinstalled Daedalus.

After reinstalling Daedalus the wallet still remembered my wallet and key information after updating the blocks to 100% I am in but the coin total is still incorrect

Ah, wow. You have exhausted my wile.
Likely, the uninstall did not delete the chain data, trying to be clever. I looked on my PC, and could not find where the chain data is stored.

This is troubling in that no one seems to know the fix , even the support

Go on the GitHub

and open an issue.

A some point I heard that the team could instrument your wallet to send log data for diag and analysis. I’m not sure if they put these hooks in the wallet, but opening a ticket is a good way to give the problem visibility.

I have opened an issue, but to no avail thus far, does anyone else have a fix they can recommend?

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Did you get your issue sorted …my case is that I have 4 transactions on my summary but only 1 is showing on the balance after uninstalling and downloading the new version