My wallet is synced and my 160 coins wont appear says i have 0 balance and no transaction

mafter my wallet synced i sent myself about 160 ada coins to my daedalus wallent at like 12 pm. its 3am the next day and i still have an account balance of zero… did i loose my coins , can i get reinbursted my coin … i need answers…ASAP

Where did you transfer your ADA from? It’s pretty standard to have email confirmations before transactions are approved from your other wallet if you’re using an online wallet/exchange. If you are using an exchange, does that say the transaction is complete?

Make sure if you send the coins from an online exchange you confirm the transaction e-mail they probably send you.

binance and bittrex checked both and they were completed

sometimes people in hurry dont copy/paste real address and funds got eaten.

naw i coppied the right address


What does the explorer report about your address? Try entering the exchange address you sent from or the wallet address you sent to.

Have you rebooted your computer?

We have verified that some machines are not reporting disconnecting from the network. So you think you are but in fact aren’t. Restarting helps many. If this problem is not fixed in the next update, the next update will at least report being offline better.