Daedalus wallet not showing right balance after restoring

I have just completed my daedalus wallet restoring, everything went smoothly but my balance isn’t right. It only shows the amount recieved from my last transaction. Even in the transactions history I only have my last transaction there and I also don’t have all my generated addresses showing on the “receive” tab.

What is going on? Help please.

Hi, just try to restore again. Complete delete the wallet. Do not forgot to write your 12 phrase before deleting.

Happy to see the restore went smoothly. The fact your balance is not right tells me the blockchain is not syncing.

I ran into a similar issue while fixing a Wallet Not Connecting problem. I got it to finally connect after almost 26 hours of “connecting” to find my balance not correct and missing a recent transfer from Bittrex.

So after some time and find a post on this forum about using a VPN when opening Daedalus; I have posted my process that worked for me.

Give this try. I’d like to hear about your results and/or process improvement.

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Thank you for the reply, I just downloaded the blockchain again over night using VPN connection and still got the same wrong balance.

I will try to delete my wallet, reinstal daedalus, restore my wallet and download the blockchain again all using VPN.

Thank you sir, dowloading the blockchain using VPN worked!

I have a similar issues with my wallet as when I installed the newer version of Deadalus my balance went to 0 …I purchased more coins on an exchange and sent to my wallet thinking it would sync together but alas it didn’t
I tried deleting the db 1.0 file but it still hasn’t restored .
I see you used a vpn…what is that and where can I find it?

What worked for me was deleting my wallet, uninstall daedalus, restarting the computer and starting from the beginning using a VPN provider.

Just Google a VPN provider you’ll find plenty.

Ok …thanks

I used hide.me vpn on Mac

Out of interest,which one did you use as there loads?

I used Avira VPN phantom

Thank you so much…I have my full balance :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Glad I could help! :blush:

Sir. I have daedulus on 2 laptops. Laptop A is the original and Laptop B is the new one. I tried to recover daedulus in “B” eithout deleting daedulus “A” after recovery, I had the wrong balance. Instead of positive I have negative cardano. What should I do. Please help