Wallet not showing correct amount/latest receive transaction

On Wednesday Nov 15 I sent ~1500 to a wallet from binance as can bee seen here:

It was sent to this address: https://cardanoexplorer.com/address/DdzFFzCqrht5Ct8i7hpmywgSPXMUJcxiz38AxNbZ97t2WGCFWg8LDdMnMUUQH1tDjjQTEXAmKKdTBntQQfhC6RXDGmVinZ8MkDSLat2q

The address in the Cardano Block explorer shows the correct amount of ~4400 ADA. However the wallet does not show anything related to the last transaction.

I just deleted the DB 1.0 folder and re synced but still the wallet isn’t showing the correct amount.

Any other advice?

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Which wallet are you using?

Official Daedalus wallet

Probably a long shot, but did you empty the trash bin and restart your pc?

Currently doing that now, actually. I’ll update when it’s done, which will be quite a while. (my computer is on its last leg and slow as hell, getting a new one next week)

I assume you downloaded the newest version of the wallet that just came out today?


I’m experiencing the same exact issue. I have the latest installed Daedalus (Version 0.11.2) with full sync. I can see my current, original amount from previous transactions. I initiated a transfer of 75K ADA from Bittrex to the Daedalus wallet. The Cardano Block Explorer confirms the transaction to the correct address. The Bittrex exchange confirms the transaction as well. The Daedulus wallet does not reflect the 75K transfer. It has been over 24 hours. I triple check all addresses. FRUSTRATING.
Any help would be appreciated as I am sure there are others having the same issue.

Anyone, any ideas?
Thank you.

If the addresses really are correct then I’d suggest trying another wallet, eg Yoroi, or installing Daedalus and recovering the wallet on a different machine if you can, or forcing a complete resync by backing up and deleting the data folders.

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Hi RobJF,
Thank you for the response.
The addresses are correct.
I deleted, reinstalled, resync and it worked. The funny thing is, I did this multiple times before and it didn’t work.

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