Daedalus wallet not adding last recieve transaction

My daedalus wallet not adding last receive transaction Ver
2 transaction first buy and receive went through perfectly

The second one says complete. exchange shows transaction complete to my address
The cardano daedalus wallet added the first transaction all good
The second transaction shows 2 or 3 receiving addresses
and one address is mine - says complete and assurance level 344 confirmations but the
Balance of ADA has not been added up. The previous transaction 30 mins prior was ok

There are extra addresses: ? Please see below

From Address:


To addresses


Transaction assurance level

High. 344 confirmations.

Transaction ID


Please help - have rebooted and reloaded - still shows the total with last transaction not added to total
I am using a VPN
Kind regards

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I’m guessing:

  • OS is Windows.
  • This is the address in question.

Daedalus FAQ has an item for this on page 10, item #211, titled My wallet balance is showing a wrong Ada amount. Shows you how to send your log files to IOHK. Please do this first.

To solve the issue, I’d try :

  • Close Daedalus.
  • Go to the %appdata% directory by typing it in the explorer’s address bar.
  • Rename the Daedalus directory to Daedalus.old, this is your backup in case your 12 word phrase is not written down correctly.
  • Start Daedalus, wait for it to sync.
  • Restore your wallet using the 12 word backup phrase.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

Yes i have the latest windows 10 always updated.
Busy tonight but I will try it tomorrow.

Thanks Hayamoto

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Should I leave anti virus and VPN on as well as not suspending Bitlocker on Drive C

The wallet worked with out fault until I made 2 transactions with in an hour
I made the second one after the first one was green in wallet
Anyway, The wallet always worked really good on any VPN with AV on and Bitlocker on
I have used it for months and 14 transaction all good. First problem with the wallet balance

I am guesing i go and restore with all 3 ON, as that is my usual mode
Can you confirm this please , I tried searching the forums

regards Kringe and thank you

Bitlocker and VPN shouldn’t have anything to do with the problem. Antivirus can slow down Daedalus, but doesn’t typically cause problems. So yes, try with all 3 on.

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I am studying for a UNI course atm
Can you read the logs submitted and tell me what went wrong please.
I would like to know so that i can avoid this happenning again


I don’t have access to those, I’m just a community member. The important thing is that the engineers can analyze those logs to fix the problem.

If you still have the log files, you can look inside them yourself, they’re just text files. Feel free to post some lines here, if you find any error or warning messsages.

Did the balance display correctly after restoration?

i will do it later, bit busy atm
a good forum is good business

probably do mon or tues


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Dell Inspiron model 5770 17 5000 series i7 256GB SSD 12 months old

Daedalus 0.11.0

Windows Build 8183 updated and checked

Cardano 1.3.0

Please find attached info doc and zipped log files

My wallet balance is showing a wrong Ada amount.

My daedalus wallet not adding last receive transaction is

Daedalus Ver

Windows 10 ver 1803 (OS Build 17134.228)

Bitlockered drives encrypted

Date Friday 17th August 2018 approx 12:30 pm

Troubleshooting performed

Rebooted, twice reloaded Daedalus twice – wait 2 hours

Turned off Anti Virus and VPN

Checked send and receive addresses

Did not understand the cardano explorer

Repeat reboots and wallet reloads

Turn AV and VPN back on

Logged a job to Cardano forums



My Daedalus Public key for receiving ADA

Please find attached zipped folder

And My Troubleshooting notes including an add 2 Screenshots of Daedalus wallet

Kind Regards

Kringe 17/8/2018

You have my zipped folder and other screenshots sent by email

Should I back up before restoring ? or is renaming the folder enough ?

Thank you for all the help
The wallet is working perfectly and very fast. Very much appreciated.