Daedalus wallet on ubuntu installed but will not launch

Hi ,I have installed the Daedalus wallet on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop I have an application icon but it will not launch.
Any ideas?

See this topic:

Hi thanks yes I have seen that topic but they had trouble installing.
I have installed it ie made executable then run the .bin ,it has given me a Daedalus application icon in the applications list but it wont start from that.

Edit - seems I have a process called cardano-launcher running but not using any memory or processor, process cant be killed without a reboot.

If it works as in Windows, that process should start some other processes then exit, but I’ve no idea what would cause that. I think your best option is to go to Telegram channel @CardanoCommunityTechSupport, last time I looked there was more activity there.

Thanks will try that:)