Daedelus question

I had a question about migrating from Daedelus wallet to a lite wallet.

I’ve had my ada stored on Daedelus since mid 2019

since that time the blockchain has grown and now I can’t seem to load up the daedelus wallet on a brand new, straight off the shelf iMac as it doesn’t meet the spec requirements :upside_down_face:

Is there a way of easily migrating to a lite wallet without having to load up the existing daedelus wallet? Like an import feature?

Or is the only way to transfer funds from Daedelus once it eventually finishes loading?




if u have the seed words for daedalus wallet then choose a light wallet, choose restore wallet option and write the daedalus seed words… and u should be able to access the funds



Yes. It should work for you. Seed phrases are just a presentable facade for a private key so you can use them to restore any (Cardano) wallet.

is it only because daedalus dont fire up for you??
just turn on rts flags active it must work smooth i do it with my old system 8gb ram machine since it came out (Rts active) my wallet smooth and up lets pray its on fire forever😉 your os is much much new then me🤷‍♂️

Oh nice - thanks for the responses @Alexd1985, @ShawnB and @Salem

I’ll have a go migrating to a lite wallet using the process above


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